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1) Talk with others in similar work
2) List out all possible options and rank them based on various criteria
3) Seek input from outside sources
4) Ask the locals what they would do
5) List out all the options, close my eyes, and just pick one and then GO with it.
6) Find someone who is doing something that is one of my possibilities and shadow them for a time to see if it’s something I should pursue
7) Take some skills and giftings tests to see what comes out on top and then pick the best option forward that fits these skills/gifts
8) Seek counseling to make this decision
9) Google life decisions and see what comes up to help make a decision
10) Write out the list, close my eyes, put my finger somewhere and follow whatever my finger lands on

11) Fast and pray about the decision and follow what comes out of that time
12) Seek God’s wisdom from the Bible and follow what seems to fit.
13) Don’t make any changes, only do what I’ve been doing
14) Look for the “Dummies” book on this and follow their advice
15) Get career guidance
16) Read books about life work decisions
17) Ask those who have authority in my life what I should do and follow their input/advice/direction.
18) Sing a song, twirl in a circle, and pursue the first thing that comes to mind as I sit down.
19) Sleep on it
20) Take a vacation and make a decision afterwards.



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