20 ways to get a high income without having a college degree

I find this awesome from a discussion board of Babson College’s X course. User aashanqeeti share this post.

1- Learn Programming, Learn Web Development
2- Learn Design
3- Create a storage company
4- Expand your network on linked in
5- Search for services jobs
6- Invent something
7- Write a book
8- Create a blog
9- Work as a Digital Marketer

10- Create a youtube channel
11- Get some professional certificates
12- Create an online store
13- Create an Instagram business profile
14- Try to be famous by any mean so that you can get money by marketing
15- Create a traveling services company
16- Create a training company
17- Go for Stocks
18- Present a project idea to a big entrepreneur
19- Create movie content
20- Be a singer

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