Oh 2016!

You are really different to me than 2015 to 2010! I really miss you.

This year I met with Elanie Steyn, Jeff Moore, Kathy Adams, Imran Hasnat, Sohana Nasrin and so many big hearts!

I find Niloy Das as my caring big brother, Naureen Ayesha as a sister, Sohana Nasrin as a guardian cum sister, Elanie Steyn as a barrel of happiness!

I find Imran Hasnat as a Pirates of Carribean of my startup enthusiasm.

Palak Patel, Prashant Biswal, Shimrey, Htet, Aung, Su and Ro Sy are being my family member.


I could be a drop out from IBA-DU, but you made another plan for 2017?

You give me a great chance to meet Bobby Apa and Siam Bhai.
I get a big chance to carry my country name at US State Department Professional Fellows Congress.

I got 100+ new friends around the world. Now I’ve some great mate at India, Pakistan, Bulgaria, Moldova, Myanmar, Singapore, and so on!

I touch the land of USA.

I am very happy to get Michael W. Brose and Whitney Downie as my mentor and guru for startup journey.

You give me 366 days for reading 39 books!

Thank You 2016! Truely, It was an amazing year.

-- Stay cool. Embrace weird.
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