University of Dhaka, The crisis maker?

Once the University of Dhaka iconed as oxford of east. According to the newspaper 61 percent of its student is living in the corridor of the its various hall.

Students of the Oxford of the East have been enduring because of the lodging emergency.

Understudies are living as sub-human because of the extreme warmth, bugs in the room, and lack of fans. According to the news souce, Numerous are mulling over the top of the corridor.


The quantity of understudies builds each year, however the quantity of seats are not expanding. Thus, it exited sway on beginning from the general way of the life and investigation of understudies.

So what would you say about this university? The Crisis Maker? To me its’ not!

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Too heavy?

Today I read a photo news in the Daily Star. The title of the photo is “TOO HEAVY TO WITHSTAND…“. A famous yellow truck just collapsed. The weight of a truck overloaded with sand. This accident snapping road communications between district town and upazila. The Bailey bridge is located over the Kansama Canal in Bandarban’s Rowangchhari upazila.

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In the era of social media every one tries to escape from the login and user ID. No one, almost, now is not Anonymous. The app, ‘Kharapp‘ is a whistle-blowing application for the people of Bangladesh. This provides a social platform for the people to share their thoughts on various crises and open medium for expanding citizen journalism practice in Bangladesh.

Wired report that, “Whistleblowers Apps Like Whisper and Secret Will Rat You Out“. On this ground i try to create a platform for social journalism expansion in Bangladesh.

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I play cricket for Jamuna Television


This is our Jamuna Televisions’ program cricket team. From the left Saha Sanjib-bowler, Fahim-alrounder, Shafiq Pahari-batsman, Manjur Morshed-alrounder, Shamim ul Hoque-batsman wicket keeper,  Parimal Choudhury-alrounder, HM Shuja-batsman, Me-alrounder too!
Every Friday we try to play cricket at 300 feet road.

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Only Oneliners for Nothing

  1. My Philosophy  is that Due tomorrow is do tomorrow!
  2. The Prejudice is the point at which the white IPhone costs more than the dark-the black.
  3. Personaly, I loathe it when I have such a large number of tabs open in my mozilla, and one of them begins playing a talking advertisement that I can’t discover it.
  4. Traditionaly wow and then I believe I’m a virtuoso. At that point I understand I’ve as of now seen this scene of tragedy.
  5. Uff, Changing my whole message since i basically don’t know how to spell just one word. One word.
  6. I’m not in confussion, I’m just wearing a hoodie and shorts since you’re befuddled about the climate.
  7. Being hitched to me gives my lovely wife something to live for. A separation-love.
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My recommendations on speed reading habit

First, Touch The Book!
And Then Begin with the creator-the writer. Who composed the book for you? Try to read biography of the writer. In the event that you can situate a brief meeting, article online about the writer, read that rapidly-seriously. Trust me, It will give you a feeling of the individual’s inclination and point of view.
Second, the crucial, Perused the name title, the small meaningful subtitle, the colorful front fold, and the list of chapters or the index. Analyses that very seriously!
Perused the presentation and the conclusion. The writer presents their defense in the opening and shutting contention of the book. Perused these two segments word for word however rapidly. You as of now have a general feeling of where the creator is going, and these segments will let you know how they plan to arrive-presentation and what they trust you received in return-conclusion.
Perused/skim every section of the Book.
Perused the title and anyplace from the initial few passages to the initial few pages of the part to make sense of how the writer is utilizing this section and where it fits into the contention of the book. At that point skim through the bold headings and mini subheadings-if there are any to figure out the stream. Perused the main sentence of every passage and the last. In the event that you get the importance, proceed onward. Else, you might need to peruse the entire passage or article. Once you’ve gotten a comprehension of the part, you might have the capacity to skim over entire pages, as the contention might be clear to you furthermore might rehash itself.
End with the chapter by chapter guide once more. Once you’ve completed the select book, come back to the chapter by chapter list and outline it in your mind. Take a couple of minutes to remember the stream of the book, the contentions you considered, the stories you recollect, the excursion you went ahead with the writer-the creator of the book.
And last, read the book attentively.

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My views on the snooping art of Multitasking

I’ve a lot of knowledge on various silly things. I do nothing, but I dream to do a lot of things as soon as possible. Attempting to do two things or more without a moment’s delay is more often than not a prescription for doing both thoughtfully, as indicated by a long streak of assessment.

The Myth of Multitasking_zhkaashaaAs a human being, we’re slower and less accurate when we endeavor to cope with two things or more. Specialists came to depend that there wasn’t much that should be promising about this, so a hefty segment of the counsel in various Business Journal has been to abstain from multitasking however much as could reasonably be expected.

Be that as it may, if surrendering the multitasking habit isn’t an alternative, another study distributed offers some trust: your capacity to multitask might rely on upon whether you were prepared to do the two undertakings independently or all the while.
The principal thing to think about multitasking is that the word is a misnomer. You’re not by any stretch of the imagination doing two things on the double to such an extent as quickly exchanging forward and backward between them. That exchanging procedure is rationally exhausting — your mind needs to review the directions for how to do one errand, then set them aside and review the guidelines for how to do the other, then rehash the entire thing again — thus the outcome is poor execution on both.

Some researchers at have now included a drawing so as to fascinate wrinkle an association in the middle of multitasking and the exploration on learning and memory. Past studies have exhibited that connection influences our capacity to recall data or perform an errand.
The best guidance is still to abstain from multitasking at whatever point conceivable. In any case, for the individuals who need to do it, reliable setting matters. In case will be multitasking when compelled to review data or perform an assignment, it might be ideal to work on multitasking when you learn it in any case.


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