1. My Philosophy  is that Due tomorrow is do tomorrow!
  2. The Prejudice is the point at which the white IPhone costs more than the dark-the black.
  3. Personaly, I loathe it when I have such a large number of tabs open in my mozilla, and one of them begins playing a talking advertisement that I can’t discover it.
  4. Traditionaly wow and then I believe I’m a virtuoso. At that point I understand I’ve as of now seen this scene of tragedy.
  5. Uff, Changing my whole message since i basically don’t know how to spell just one word. One word.
  6. I’m not in confussion, I’m just wearing a hoodie and shorts since you’re befuddled about the climate.
  7. Being hitched to me gives my lovely wife something to live for. A separation-love.
-- Stay cool. Embrace weird.
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