He is one of the iconic cricketer in Bangladesh.

Principle #1 – Mashrafe doesn’t fly Alone

Mashrafe flies with his teammates. Most seniors and juniors are always under his umbrella. Lesson: We should avoid narrow-minded people as they bring us down. Man is known by the company he keeps. Always sit with the winners, the conversation is altogether different.

Principle #2 – Mashrafe has a great, accurate vision.

Masrafe is an Eagle! Eagles have great eyesight, they can focus on something as far as 5km away from the sky. They have a locked target and stay focus on the prey. Lesson: Always have a clear focus in life and a vision to aim at. Life will have many obstacles. Do not give up on your mission.

Principle #3 –Forget your past.

Masrafe never ever relaxes on his past success. Lesson: Let go of your past. It should be behind you and do not rely on past success. Keep exploring new horizons, new avenues to conquer.

Principle #4 – Mashrafe just love the storm

Clouds excite Mashrafe, the storm wind lifts him higher. Once a certain height is achieved, Mashrafe then glides and rest on their wings. Also in the storm, all other cricketers are thinking about retirement, and mash focus on next jump. . Lesson: Connect the dots moving forward. Face the challenges, have a belief that challenge will only make your stronger. Use the life storms to rise to the greater heights. Champions should never be afraid of challenges.

Principle #5 – Mashrafe prepare for training

Lesson: Get out of your comfort zone, no one has ever grown there.

Be a Mashrafe in your life.

Yes, Never ever give up on your self”

-- Stay cool. Embrace weird.
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