About Me

My Name is (somehow) Aashaa Zahid, aka Zahid Hossain Khan Aashaa. My nickname is Aashaa, which reflects the mean ‘hope’ in Bengali. My late grandfather has no influences in my life except my nickname, he declares my nick in 1988. I’m a person who have no focus, but have lots of shops! I sell ideas without no currency.


Now I’m technically enrolled in the Executive MBA Program of IBA, University of Dhaka. I’m a student of EMBA Batch 23, but I don’t know when I’ll finish the program!

Before that I’ve a Masters Certificate and Bachelor of Social Sciences in International Relations of DU.

I don’t believe in the traditional audio – system, Rathen then I trust trendy Online courses for over learning and I’m a true follower of my wise teacher, you may be called her YouTube.


Involvement Along with educational involvement, I sincerely involved in activities of the Bangladesh Math Olympiad, Wikipedia and many other volunteering organizations.

Professional Skills

Communication, News Reporting, Translation, Writing, Public Speaking, Social Tools