Learning basics on entrepreneurship through music, isn’t fun? The course titled as BerkleeX: OENTR-391x Creativity & Entrepreneurship on edX is much more entertaining then fun. Currently, I follow this course and I find too much fun from the presentation of the course.

First Week of the course refer as Inspiration: The Entrepreneurial Mindset. From this week I got sense of 5 skills of Innovators.

Week 1 Keypoints
What is Entrepreneurship After All?
Why Musicians Are Natural Entrepreneurs
5 Skills of Successful Innovators
Learning To Observe

Week 2 – Team Building and Product Development, Week 3 – Collaboration and Presentation, and Week 4 – The Art of Relationship Building is looking interesting to me.
I’m really enjoying the content of the course.

Creativity & Entrepreneurship, the first edX MOOC developed by Berklee’s Institute for Creativity and Entrepreneurship (BerkleeICE). Mr Panos Panay, the founder of the Institute, is the course instructor.

In a note of the course he writes, “What does a music college like Berklee have to do with entrepreneurship?”

He answers, “Turns out, a lot. New music is only possible through the act of collaboration and of bringing many diverse people together to create a joint outcome. To be a great musician, one also has to learn how to listen, improvise, experiment, and pioneer new sounds by fusing diverse genres for the creation of something wholly new. These are very much the same skills that successful entrepreneurs possess.”

Musicians and entrepreneurs are same, in mind, in sense, and in life-motivated.

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