20 ways to have a productive lifestyle


I find this awesome post from BabsonX’s edX course.

  1. discard all the past ideas (they surely did not work)
  2. create an objective of lifestyle ( be productive in every personal field)
  3. change mindset (Action the plan, in my case)
  4. work in deleting my flaws. ( laziness, boring ideas, poor action)
  5. become a loyal activist of my lifestyle (Do something in my life)
  6. Re-make my life values ( responsibility, focus, listen, etc)
  7. commit with my activities and people.
  8. Organization of my time, to be able to reach every corner of my lifestyle.
  9. organization of the most needed of attention things.
  10. be more flexible in the way of personal life organization.
  11. Do activities that bring me out of my comfort zone
  12. Give value to the people Ii know and will meet.
  13. Be thankful.
  14. Search for new lifestyle activities. (meet new people, try a new sport, new food, new places, etc.)


  1. give more of myself to everything. (Walk that extra mile)
  2. observe, to be able to change. (do not judge, assume, or mark something or someone)
  3. Get better in everything. (Communication, sports, family relationships, work, friendships, etc.)
  4. Be free in your personal life and self. (Accept opinions, do not feel insulting easily, be true to yourself)
  5. Be better. (Never stop growing or learning)
  6. Embrace yourself, love yourself and be better for the world you live.

Cool. Awesome post.

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Only Oneliners, 1-8

  1. Never believe somebody driving in an unmarked bus, specially in Dhaka!dhaka bus
  2. On the off chance that power originates from electrons, does profound quality originate from imbeciles?dhaka electricity
  3. The Wrestling – it’s a sports, or I don’t know about anything, seems like seeing aggressive embracing of two human.wrestling_chittagong
  4. A shepherd once instructed me to check his 37 sheep and after that round them up. So I let him know there were 40.
  5. I’m not peculiar, but rather now and then, I like delving openings in my patio and sit in them and imagine i’m a carrot, a vegitable.
  6. Before I was conceived I was given two decisions, two great option. First, An awesome memory or a major pecker . . . Can’t recollect what I picked? I’m serious.
  7. An Old Chinese precept : Its good, dam better, to stay noiseless and be thought a dolt, than to stand up and uproot all uncertainty.
  8. The horn of bounty is generally driving directly behind me in movement. How funny.
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