Disclaimer: PLEASE ignore the grammatical error for the social good!
14th February,  the Valentines Day- people’s all around the world celebrate the day as a trend, except me. Today since morning till 10PM, I pass a very busy schedule at my office.
At present I’m now busy for a program of Jamuna Television, titled My Report. This program is remarkable fon its significance. My Report is based on citizen journalism concept for Bangladesh. Though the concept isn’t the citizen journalism conceptsinw for Bangladeshi Televisions. People now a days enthusiastic for on airing theirs’ reports on various social issue. Some citizens use the social media for publishing videos and news. Personally, I think that these types of public involved programs have a great future impact.
In today’s world, newspaper or TV isn’t the only source of news- individuals from different class of society are now described as a great source of news.
As a researcher of My Report program I see the public enthusiasm and interest in the program. We find different types of reaction for the program.

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