Evryday I try to review advertisement, try to swim in the swimming pool of marketing and branding world. It’s really great way to learn new ideas and views. Today I find a TV advertisement by IKEA, the advertisement title is My Son.

The advertisement campaign My Son by Ikea is very refreshing and heart touching. A young kid with his mom picking out furniture from a IKEA shop, and at the end of the advertisment Mom see his adult son.

There is a question, “Have you ever asked your customers what ‘the best product’ is for them?” Do you ask?


‘To create a better everyday life for the many people’, this is the IKEA vision. IKEA treats everyone as One, the company is connect with emotions.

ikea-valuesThis is how IKEA develop its value model. Interesting.


How IKEA Became Kings of Content Marketing, How?

As a company IKEA Stick to its core values.

The compnay Ikea battles clutter, it save money.

Just think like this, What are your business’ core values? By which values people trust you?

In the bradning world, IKEA big humble fish. Humbleness and innovation backed by creativity is such thing which could change your business!

-- Stay cool. Embrace weird.
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