(This write-up is first published at Daily Prothom Alo in Bengali language on 4th December 2016. I translate this summary for my friends from other languages.)

x2016_12_04_22_2_b-jpg-pagespeed-ic-c_f34mgqodThere is a land from Eight thousand miles of Bangladesh. United States of America – different souls, different time, another different morning. There is no ‘Bangladeshi Time’! ‘Just two minutes’, or ‘It takes five minutes’-is fable there. If you are late, you are dead.

Our morning starts from “Just Seven O’clock” in the morning. If it is 8.01AM, this is just 8.01AM! It’s tough but entertaining to learn new things.

Every year from Bangladesh, Burma and India some entrepreneurs get this great scope to attend a 5-week long fellowship program at The Gaylord College, University of Oklahoma. US Embassy of Dhaka and Centre for Entrepreneurship Development (CED), BRAC University manage this fellowship selection. This year from Bangladesh Niloy Das, Naureen Ayesha and myself ‘the transporter of happiness’ got the ticket to join the program. Blessing!

Niloy Das, is an Engineer from Dhaka.

Naureen Ayesha, is a Women Entrepreneur from Dhaka.

Myself, is a Social Entrepreneur enthusiast from Dhaka.

In USA, basically in Oklahoma, Bangladesh branded as a country of Microfinance & Dr. Muhammad Yunus. Our women and children health-related development is a great news to them. The people of Oklahoma is OK, Cool, Great and Awesome!

At the last week of the fellowship, we attend in US State department’s Professional Fellows Congress 2016. Along with 276 participants from 46 countries we’re happy to hold the tag name Bangladesh. This is really cool phrase when you say ‘I’m from Bangladesh’ to a new friend. Awesome.


I’m really grateful to Super Heroes like Elanie SteynGeorge Mesthos, Shamim E Hoque and many more minds.

-- Stay cool. Embrace weird.
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