Wake Up!

Jump out of Bed!

Yes, I mean Jump!
It’s time to Hustle, Grind and Work for your dreams!

I don’t care if you don’t feel like it or if you’re feeling tired or anxious about life…Get Up and Get To Work!

Nobody cares if you don’t feel like it or if it’s all too hard or overwhelming…that’s make believe and just another story you keep telling yourself so you don’t have to produce anything or get results…maybe you should just be honest with yourself and tell it how it is…..You’re LAZY!

Until you wake up and Hustle…Nothing is going to happen!

Nothing you want can happen and you’re just going to continue to lower your expectations year on year until you convince yourself that you’re happy being a nobody who never did anything significant with their time on this planet!

Nobody can do it for you and you’ve got to stop waiting and wishing and start, just start waking up earlier to work on your self and your own ideas and your biggest dreams.

Waking up to the hustle and knowing that I’ve only got a brief moment on this planet to do everything I want to do and to make a lasting impact in the lives of millions of people forces me to wake up At ridiculous hours because what i’m building is far greater than me…it’s far greater than my own self-importance!

I don’t have an option!

I don’t have the luxury of being lazy or sleeping in or wasting time…because I’ve got to hustle until my last breath on this planet to make my dream a reality and make the impact I was born to make.

It’s a privilege to wake up to the hustle, but for some of us…it’s all we know!

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