Since April 2014, as a researcher I greatly involve in the making of START! TV show of Jamuna Television. Every Monday at 6.30PM we try to show various initiative by the youth of Bangladesh. Kazi Arefin Shashi bhai initiated by program with a great support from Supan Roy-the head of program of Jamuna Television.
After on airing of 10 episode Shashi bhai depart from the country to UK for higher study. And the my great great well wisher Manjur Morshed Nayan joined as a producer of the program.
Recently we cross our half century episode of the program.
Last year Jamuna TV got ‘Entrepreneur Friendly TV Channel’ by the show from Bangladesh Open Source Network’s initiative Chakri Khujbo Na Chakri Debo.

Our team
Since the beginning Shashi bhai, along with me, Shamim bhai(video editor) and Fahim (associate) develop the program.
After ten episode,  Manjur Morshed Nayan bhai start new journey of the show. This time Parimal dada join with his experience to the team.
Azad Rahman bhai, is a true soul of the program. Behind the camera, he draws the outline of the show.
Sanjeeb Saha dada, illustrate the timeline of the show by Adobe Premier.

Panel 12 is our editing panel of the Show.

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