1. There is no time like the present for putting off what you should be doing.
  2. It’s not how great your work is, it’s the manner by which well you clarify it.
  3. I do what I really need, when I really need, where I really need! My great mother says it’s alright.
  4. The Nuance is the specialty of saying what you think and escaping the path before it’s caught on.
  5. I detest it when you converse with somebody each and every day and after that it just stops. Unexpectedly neither of you say a damn word to one another
  6. Best relationship guidance: Don’t do anything you wouldn’t need your sweetheart/sweetheart to do.
  7. Personaly I frequently said “sorry” when I should’ve said “the farewell”.
  8. I require a definite break from everything. Everything.
  9. The Suicide is inept? You wanna know what is moronic? Harming somebody so much inwardly, that they think suicide is the main answer. Be caring.
  10. I simply like the thought of being exceptional to somebody.
  11. Overthinking will execute you, simply unwind.
  12. What are the basic advantages and disadvantages of having two cronas? On one hand, you have a watch, yet then again, you have another watch.
-- Stay cool. Embrace weird.
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