It’s interesting . . . at the point when my better half gives me the noiseless treatment . . . she supposes it’s a discipline!

Never think anything until it’s been formally denied.

How alarming would it be if the voice inside your head quit working.

I wish exams accompanied a 50/50 and a telephone a companion alternative.

Nothing is outlandish with God. Try not to abandon your fantasies.

My bed likes me. It doesn’t release me in the morning.

Society is interesting. They request that you act naturally but then they judge you.

Why is a daily paper ten times additionally intriguing when the individual over the path is understanding it?

Many individuals say I’m apathetic, however I couldn’t care less.

Now that I’m more established, my memory is a compelling post. Nothing infiltrates it.

Wearing a hoodie and shorts since you’re confounded about the climate.

6 out of 9 individuals will see something grimy in this sentence..

How would you get a redhead to contend with you? Say something.

-- Stay cool. Embrace weird.
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