1. I’ve at long last understood that the main individual that truly thinks about me will be me that I’m so serious.
  2. You could give me an entire month to do the homework regardless I wouldn’t begin it till the night prior to it’s expected what’s the matter with Me, truly! Mind-sets_zhkaashaa
  3. When you think your selfie was on point however then you gaze at it for a really long time and you understand it is really the most exceedingly bad photograph ever.
  4. I’m so drained my tired will be drained.
  5. Definetly I’ve 3 mind-sets: !!!!!!!!!!!, ?????? &  ??!?!?!??!
  6. My Present Occupation is the family disillusionment.
  7. The life is so much more clever when you have a filthy personality.
  8. I never commit the same error twice, seriously, I make it five or six times just no doubt.
  9. Step by step instructions to do a math: 1. write problem. And 2. Cry loud.
  10. Without The Morons we would have nobody to giggle at.
  11. Would you be able to wrongfully download sleep!
  12. My mystery ability is getting tired without doing anything.
-- Stay cool. Embrace weird.
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