Through this blog post I try to share three selfies with my Fellowship mates at Professional Fellows Congress 2016.selfieatpfcongress-3Selfie with Sylvia Ognyanova Bakalova!

Sylvia is from Bulgeria. She likes bollywood films and dancing. She is cool. My eyes always follow her. In her country she works for the kids. She is Silvia Berlusconi!

selfieatpfcongress-2Selfie with Prashanta (r), and Shimray (l) from India.

My fellowship mates of University of Oklahoma. Prashanta bhai is involving at his own non-profit. Shimray bhai is a Profesor at Government Institute.

selfieatpfcongress-1Selfie with Nazia aka Naxyya.

She works in government for her country. I think she has some interest in startup things.

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