Hello, what are your views, what do you consider when you think about the well-known war term The Cold War? The reply might rely on upon your age. For the youthful, it is antiquity; for the aged it is one significant of the periods they continued in an entire epoch of incomparable viciousness and change. For them the eras in the middle of it’s a touch of both. Be that as it may, for practically everybody of any age, the chilly war appears all things considered to some degree indistinct: a war without an unmistakably characterized starting or end, when a great part of the activity was covert and the standard procedures were dark; a warfare of fog and mist, maybe!


Through this ten books I try to summarize some insights of me for the significance of the war.

The first

When I first try to write about this list, i prefer to place When the Wind Blows as a first of this list. Writer  Raymond Briggs write this graphics nobel.

The second

I place John le Carré’s book in second place of my Top Ten list. The Spy Who Came in from the Cold is his book.

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