In a day of December 2015, I first saw the man Saif Noman Khan, an associate professor of Institute of Business Administration, University of Dhaka. He is the communication course in charge of Executive MBA of IBA-DU. To me, He is one of very besh and most shocking teacher I’ve ever seen in my life. My thoughts on learning and views profoundly are changed by words from him. In one class he discuss on work-life balance.
Following quite a while of watching individual battles to accomplish work-life parity — and of illuminated organizations to give it — I’ve reasoned that one noteworthy obstacle is counterfeit pictures of flawlessness. Unquestionably institutional structures don’t make it simple to adjust work and whatever is left of life. This is particularly valid in the corporate world, where excursions are short, holidays are uncommon, school plans don’t adjust to available time, and working folks cobble together their own particular expensive emotionally supportive networks. In any case, likewise, society holds up myths of flawlessness — the ideal body, the ideal occupation, the ideal tyke, the ideal yard — that expend time, cash, and consideration. This infect everybody, except particularly humans who are contender for powerful professions.

This article reflects the idea from The Imperfect Balance Between Work and Life by Rosabeth Moss Kanter of

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