​It’s almost 8 hours 57 minutes from Chicago.

Outside temperature is -46 degree cell! I’m write this post from altitude of 32k ft, just 32k ft!

In the inside of plane, 89 percent of the place is dark. And, emergency lights only open it’s eyes. 

I’m now watching a documentary Business Revolution: Brand. At 8.59 mins I paused it and type this post.

This documentary is on 21st centuries’ ideas on branding and social thinking.

Before that, I’ve watched Fan and an episode on White Color on the seat of this plane towards Chicago from Doha. The environment of the plane is really cool and elegant. Due to overrated elegance two of my great team member is now enjoying sleeping.

The documentary is telling some social stories on brand and customers relation. If you try to develop a great and smart brand you need to, anyhow, create to position in the story or sharing words of your customers.

From this documentary I first listen and understand the word social thinking.

If anyone try to make a good brand he or she needs strategic thoughts on social thinking.

Without this you would be some brands like Yahoo! Or BlackBerry.

the photos of Coca Cola France’s team member.

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