In mid-2015, I first discover the book name Zero to One: Notes on Startups, or How to Build the Future. It may be seen with me when I googled something like “top books for business people”, or might be, it was “best contemporary books for business people”. Prior to the pursuit I’ve never heard the book’s name or the author name “Diminish Thiel”. Presently I feel that what I was absent before that.

Peter Thiel/Wikiepdia/© 2014 Dan Taylor


Peter Theil, by data on Wikipedia, is a US business person, or you could say him by cliche tone-entrepreneur. By understanding some news about him I find that he is likewise a solid financial speculator and multifaceted investments supervisor. I can hardly imagine how he is an individual from Elon Musk’s group. He helped to establish and once a CEO of PayPal alongside Max Levchin and Elon Musk. Its truly pleasant to realize that Peter Thiel is first outside speculator in Facebook. He contributed around 500000$ to Facebook at 2004. Subsequent to perusing the book, I find that he a law understudy. How a law graduate of Stanford Law School is being a Peter Thiel?


This man co-write a book with Blake Masters, titled Zero to One, in bengali Shunno theke Ekk (শূন্য থেকে এক).

“What important truth do very few people agree with you on?”  

When I first download the book, I first find this interesting line from this book. After six months of the reading of the book, I still don’t have any answer to the question. When I ask me the question to me, to myself…. I just heard silence from me. Sometimes I analyses the words, what is “Important Truth?”, or what is the meaning of “Agree With You On?” I’ve no great personal answer to me on this question. How pathetic I’m, na?


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