I say them They, but they say them We. A couple, some years ago wish to travel, and now this crazy couple spent their most of the money on travel. Traveling, social ventures, social entrepreneurship is now their love.

Today I get a great opportunity to meet with this guys. They are now entrepreneur but before that they are explorer. Motivated by social good they are now working at Nicaragua from Keney to Thailand to Morocco.


I find this post from their Facebook page. Isn’t this awesome?

Life Out of the Box aka LOOTB is an USA social venture that involves with local artisans around the world to produce some unique handmade products. By the profit of that products they help to promote education in third world countries.

lifeoutofthebox.com is Quinn & Jonathon’s dream home.

At age 25, Quinn & Jonathon left everything behind in California. I was doing nothing at my 25!

Now Life Out of the Box has production house at Nicaragua, Guatemala and Morocco and have given thousands of school supplies to kids in Nicaragua, Guatemala, Mexico, Morocco, Kenya and Belize.

Isn’t a good grace!

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