What’s a movie? A tool for business? Or a platform for the creators’ canvas of showing creativity? When the trailer of the movie released, I was waiting for a great widescreen movie.
After watching the movie, like a regular movie guy, I feel that it’s a typical movie. But, the media hype is very exaggerating. Isn’t this a common formula in South Asia to engage some foreigners to creates diversity in the story and successfully it’d failed thousands of times, except Rang De Basanti and Lagaan.


No Dorai, technically would be a great movie if the storytelling is awesome. The role of almost all the actors are perfect, but when you have a slow story what would be work for the actors? The promotional activities for the movie are awesome, lucrative and exoteric. But, when a filmmaker is like us short visioned facebook or Netflix user, there’s an issue on attention. The music after 20/25 minutes couldn’t be synchronized.
The location of the cinema would get 9/10, the making would get 7/10, acting 8/10 and storytelling would get 4/10.

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